Testing & Qualtiy Assurance

Since its inception DV Polymers has emerged as one of the most preferred vendor for Corrosion Resistant Products and primary reason is the quality maintain by the organization and its affiliation with leading organizations and companies.

DV Polymers is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company and DuPont India Preferred Processor Network Member , it is one of the few companies in India which adheres to all International standards set by leading International bodies for manufacturing plants. In order to guarantee consistently high quality to our customers, we work according to a key performance indicator orientated quality management system.

DV Polymers team of engineers with strong experience in mechanical, instrumentation and petrochemical engineering will make sure that the final output is replica of standard drawings. The team of testing engineers guide the industrial foreman in building the products according to industrial drawings and maintains a standard log of test reports and each report will be revived by chief engineers and testing bodies daily, weekly and monthly.

Tensile Testing Mechine

The Standard log of testing process followed by the DV Polymers is

All units are given extreme stress tests to validate their integrity and ensure long life of products under standard ASTM F- 1545 test catering of the latest version.

We have Fully Equipped Lab facility for internal Testing of Plastics; we will provide the following Test certificates along with our materials.

  • Hydro Test: As per F1545
  • Spark Test: As Per ASTM F 1545
  • Type Test: AS per ASTM F 1545
  • Third Party inspection Certificate up on the Request by Customer
  • Raw Material Test Certificates
  • Steel Test Certificates will be provided
  • Coating Thickness 800Microns to 1000Microns
  • Documentation for Pipes & Fittings and Coating Vessels
  • Guarantee Certificate.

External Finish for Added Perfection

  • Surface preparation: Wire Brushing/Sand Blasting
  • Paint: Epoxy Primer/Chlorinated Rubber Paint/ Enamel
  • Packing: PTFE Flare Faces will be covered with end packing made out of plywood.
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