Lined Pipes

Dvpolymers offers a wide range of PTFE/PVDF/PP/HDPE lined pipes with Various Metals like MS Seamless Tubes, 304 and 316 stainless steel etc. Our standard pipes are with one end fix flange and other end loose flange. We can supply both end fixed flanges and loose flanges on specific requirements. As per your specific process requirements the PTFE (Antistatic) and Jacketed Lined pipes can be manufactured at our facility. The Range of Lined pipes from 25 NB to 350NB size.

Our PTFE Lined pipes are chemically inert and are capable of withstanding all their chemical reaction. In Industries where there is high chemical reaction taking place all throughout the day and the likelihood of stainless steel getting corrugated. PTFE Lined Piping is the best alternative.

The standardized diameters and lengths of PTFE lined steel pipes are given in ASME B 16.5 class 150. We Supply lined pipes according to the ASTM F-1545 standards with a variety of shell and lining materials. Other standards (DIN, JIS etc.) are also available on Request.

DuPont Raw Material is used to manufacture the PTFE Sleeves by using paste extruded method at our own facility and then sintered in ovens. In Chemical Industry, paste extrusion method is the most preferred method as it results in the best quality liners with high tensile strength, low density and low prosperity.

DV Polymers manufactured PTFE/PVDF/PP/HDPE Lined pipes are tested according to various process requirements and are suitable to universal industrial needs. All the PTFE Lined Pipes will go through vigorous Tests, as Visual test, Dimensional Test, Hydro Static Test and Electro Static Test. The Lined Products are tested for Tensile strength using the tensile machine.

The Technical Data for PVDF/PP/HDPE Lined pipes and fittings can be provided on request.


To maintain constant temperatures of media in Pipe lines, we provide a source of heating or cooling to a lined piping system by using jackets around the Lined Pipe. Jacketed Pipes provides intimate contact of the heating/cooling medium with the pipe along its entire length except for short sections at each end. Here the core pipe is surrounded by a jacket pipe.

Jackets typically contain steam, hot water or oil to maintain constant temperatures of media. Jacketed Lined pipes can be operated at temperatures of up to the maximum operating temperature of the lining - 200oC or the required process temperature if lower.

For Technical Details please refer MOC & Dimensional Data Sheet.

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