PTFE Lined Hose Pipes

A Hose is a hollow tube designed to carry fluids from one place to another. Hoses are generally very flexible. The common factor in choosing hoses is size, pressure rating, weight, length and chemical capability. SS/PTFE lined corrugated hose pipe are used in petrochemical, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry. In adding, it also finds its application in bulk transfer of lubricants, oil, paints, food products and dissimilar types of chemicals

Smooth inner core of extruded Teflon covered with stainless steel wire braid reinforcement Hose Pipes ranges from the size of 25NB to 150NB. The product has an outer body as specified by ASTM A 395 Gr. 60-40-18 and also PTFE Lined Braided Hose Pipes, Cam and Groove Fittings, Hose Clamps, Adapters Hose bellows will be supplied.

PTFE Lined Hose Pipes

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